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  • Cooling systems on Biomass, Oil & Gas and nuclear power plants
  • Cooling water and lubricating oil temperature control on power units
  • Pressure and temperature sensors for reliable measurements

At Siscon each and every partner knows and lives the purpose of our organization. Providing innovative, industry-leading valves and associated products for controlling the flow and pressure of industrial liquids and steam.

We largely accomplish this through a constant commitment to quality and efficiency.
The key values that differentiate Siscon is our continuous collaboration with customers, vendors and staff to design.

We eagerly partner with our customers to develop innovative products and new configurations. We appreciate the recommendations of vendors for better components and improved materials. In exchange, you can count on us for responsive engineering.

Most of our Siscon products control the flow and pressure of liquids and steam throughout marine and industrial process industries. These include end-users and OEMs in the following segments.

■ Marine & Offshore ■ Oil & Gas ■ Power generation ■ Chemical ■ Pulp & Paper ■ Water treatment ■ Food & Beverage ■ Renewable energy ■ Building & Construction ■ District heating ■ HVAC ■ Food processing ■ Refineries ■ Boiler and heat exchangers ■ Minerals ■ Petrochemical ■ Agriculture ■ Textiles