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Heinen & Hopman

Around the world
Heinen & Hopman has become a leading specialist in the maritime sector. We provide world-class quality and service in air conditioning, ventilation, central heating, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation, and have supplied over 10,000 vessels worldwide. The no-nonsense and entrepreneurial spirit of the employees who founded the family business in 1965 continues to pervade the company today. At the same time, Heinen & Hopman is renowned for thinking ahead of the curve and coming up with genuinely innovative systems and solutions.

Bespoke solutions
Whatever the environment in which the vessels we supply will be sailing, our knowledge and expertise ensures the most suitable indoor climate. We deliver customised or standard solutions to suit any situation. In close cooperation with our customers, we realise innovative solutions for the design, engineering and installation of tailor-made maritime climate systems.

The latest technologies
Heinen & Hopman ensures the perfect indoor climate on all types of vessels. With our comprehensive knowledge of the maritime sector, we can guarantee you the best possible solutions that incorporate the very latest technologies, including in the field of energy saving and sustainability.

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