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Tempress Pressure Gauges

The Tempress pressure gauges are developped especially for the following applications:
- Shipbuilding
- Industry
- Petro-chemical plants
- Refrigeration
- Hydraulics
- Food and beverage
- SF-6 gas power switches

All pressure gauges can be delivered with a sanitary diaphragm.

Due to the local production Tempress is very flexible in designing and manufacturing customer specific units in small series.
A non-standard pressure connection, intermediate pressure range, analogue output signal, your own company name or logo on the dial ... Tempress will honour your requests.

Tempress Pressure Gauges with diaphragm seal A32/33
Tempress Accessories for Circular Gauges
Tempress Angle Transmitter Pressure Gauge Integrated 4-20mA Signal Out
Tempress AT SS Case Brass Pressure Gauge Bourdon
Tempress Interchangeable Connectors for pressure gauges
Tempress Capsule Gauges Din 16013 16014 63100 KP 5065
Tempress Front Line Pressure Gauge A10

All documentation and datasheets of Tempress can be found here