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Tempress INDUPECĀ® sensor for hydraulic cylinder

Tempress INDUPEC® sensor for hydraulic cylinder

Indupec® is a new concept, developed for an electronic detection of end position for a piston in a hydraulic cylinder.
The special way of detection, enables the Indupec® sensor to detect the linear movement of a piston in a cylinder, within an extremely narrow area.
Indupec® sensor is suitable for all types of hydraulic cylinders. The ”Plug and Play” function of the sensor, makes it uncomplicated to install and can therefore be done in no time by crew.
Indupec® sensor is made of AISI316L, and this combined to the sensors functional design, makes it extremely resistant to pressure, temperature, strokes, and corrosion.
The Indupec® sensor “head” is mobile, and can be set in all positions, in order to lead the cables away from the working-area.

• No more repair costs
• No more waste of time
• No more insecurity

• Reliable in all environments
• Increased operation safety
• Extremely precise detection
• Longer durability
• Less downtime
• ”Plug and Play” function
• No adjustment
• Easy cable-leading
• Replaceable at once by crew
• More safety on board

All documentation and datasheets of Tempress can be found here