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Clorius Self-acting Thermostats

Clorius V2, V4 and V8 Thermostats
Clorius V Duostats

Self-acting Temperature Controls 
The Clorius self-acting thermostats are an efficient and straightforward alternative for many unnecessary complex control circuits.
Because there is no need for an external energy source - the thermostats working principle is based on the expansion of a fluid - a thermostat can be installed everywhere.
Once adjusted to the correct temperature setting it can be left unattended.
The low installation costs results in immediate savings and does not use any external energy.
Therefore the thermostats are also extremely well suited for enviroments were otherwise very expensive ATEX certified equipment would be used.
Clorius self-acting thermostats can be used with all 2-way and 3-way valves up to diameter DN 150.

All documentation and datasheets of Clorius Controls can be found here