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Clorius Pneumatic Controls

• Linear characteristic 
• Multispring diaphragm actuator 
• Compact design with low weight 
• Diaphragm with vulcanised terylene support secures a long and safe lifetime 

The pneumatic actuator is powerful with a high control speed compared to electric actuators. The linear actuator has a simple and light design with a minimum of moving parts. The pneumatic actuator are also low maintenance due to the simple design and the few moving parts. The linear actuator is ideal for on/off and control functions of globe valves. The spring loaded actuator offers the possibility for a fail-safe function, the safety installation is low cost compared to example battery backup. The pneumatic actuator can be used in Eex areas, without extraordinary encapsulation or other precautions.

Clorius Serie S Pneumatic Actuator

All documentation and datasheets of Clorius Controls can be found here