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Clorius Controls is a well-known brand which does not really needs an introduction.
Already since 1902 Clorius Controls manufacturers control valves for Maritime and Industrial applications with water, steam, oil or thermal oil.

Almost every ship sailing the oceans has one or multiple systems on board which includes a Clorius control system.
The Clorius Control systems prove themselves time after time with their excellent reliability and endurance. The slogan "Install and forget" is based on real world experiences.
Once installed the system will last for many years and not seldom it even last as long as the life-time of a ship.

The Clorius valves can be connected to many different control options:
- mechanical thermosts
- electric servo motors
- mechanical differential pressure actuators
- pneumatic actuators

All neccesary additional equipment like temperature sensors, pressure sensors, microcontrollers and pneumatic control systems are available too.

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