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Ocean Doctor

China State Shipbuilding Corporation 
CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation), established on the 1st of July, 1999, is an extra large conglomerate and state-authorized investment institution directly administered by the central government of China. As one of the largest shipbuilding corporation in China, it is composed of many shareholding institutions, including a total of 60 sole proprietorship enterprises, including a large number of the most powerful and renowned shipbuilding and ship repairing yards, research and design institutes, marine-related equipment manufacturers and trading firms in China. It designs, builds and repairs a wide range of ships including tankers, bulk carriers, containerships and products of high added value, such as LNG and marine engineering and offshore vessels.

Jiujiang Precision Measuring Technology Research Institute 
Jiujiang Precision Measuring Technology Research Institute is a comprehensive research organization which is engaged in precision test, precision processing, and precision measuring. The institute has a total area of 37,000 square meters for research, total building area of 19,000 square meters and total assets exceeding 100 million Yuan (RMB). It also owns more than1,600 sets of equipment including metering, measuring, processing apparatus and also computers. Our institute is mainly involved in R&D of inertial (aerospace) navigation equipment, motion simulation equipment, vibration and balance equipment. Precision processing, precision measurement, precision element design and manufacturing, and environmental protection equipment manufacturing are also the major business of the institute. The products have been widely and successfully applied in many fields by research institute, universities and industrial & mining enterprises. Our institute is ranked as the hi-tech enterprise of Jiangxi Province. Our test and calibration lab is also the member of the “China Association of Environmental Protection Industry” and a member of “Environmental Protection Product Identification and Inspection Center” of Jiangxi province.

The Development of the OceanDoctor ® Ballast Water Management System 
As Jiujiang Precision Measuring Technology Research Institute has traditionally been an Aerospace technology research and developing institute, providing main technical parts for the Chinese rockets, it has a technologically advanced foundation to develop new innovative products. Being a corporation under CSSC which is responsible for the R&D of innovative technology and products and having learned about the BWMS Convention, after taking into consideration that CSSC has 7 world class shipyards with large building capacities, whose newbuilding vessels will be required to purchase and install the BWMS, Jiujiang Precision Measuring Technology Research Institute decided to develop a BWMS for their internal use. CSSC applied state resources whilst taking full use of the advantages in precision measurement, precision testing and precision processing to develop this innovative green oxidation technology, the advanced OceanDoctor® BWMS, and was able to achieve their goal of high quality and low costs, with the original intention to use the system on all of the vessel built at their own shipyards. After the BWMS has been developed, its technology has achieved such outstanding results and feedback that CSSC, as one of the largest shipbuilding corporations globally, decided to payback the marine industry and shipowners, by opening the system to the public globally, in order to help preserve the global marine environment, as well as to help ship owners save cost at the same time, instead of only providing to their own shipyards. We strive for continuous improvement and establishment as a leader in the industry and provide our customers with satisfactory services, all the while saving our environment.

As the OceanDoctor® BWMS has been developed by the technologically advanced and experienced Jiujiang Precision Measuring Technology Research Institute, the background and principles used to develop was to ensure that its treatment method and result would immediately meet the IMO D-2 requirements, whilst offering the most effective treatment of the organisms. The OceanDoctor® BWMS uses a combination of filtration and disinfection with UV irradiation and photo-catalytic oxidation (hereafter concisely referred to as Advanced Oxidation Technology, which is short for AOT) to treat the ballast water, the treated discharge meets the standards as set out in regulation D-2 of International Convention for the Management and Control of ship’s Ballast Water, and meets the standards as prescribed by the USCG as well.

1. Filtration A filter with auto backflushing function is selected to prevent particles and organisms greater than or equal to 50 µm in minimum dimension from passing the filter to the ballast tank and eliminate the accumulation of sediments in the ballast tank.

2. UV irradiation Low pressure UV disinfection: DNA, RNA, and proteins in organisms absorb the UV lights when exposed to UV in the specific spectrum range; the formation of new DNA or RNA chains in the process of cell replication mycosis is inhibited, thus resulting in the affected micro-organism’s inactivationof the ability to replicate.

3. Photo-catalytic Oxidation Hydroxyl radical (·OH) will be produced on the surface of the photo-catalytic nano film when it is exposed to UV lights. The hydroxyl radical is a powerful oxidant which can react with H in the cell membrane of the organisms and break up the cell membrane, further rupture substances such as protein, carbon hydrates and DNA of organisms; and at the same time, it decomposes the organic nutrients needed for growth and regeneration by organisms and suppresses the growth of organisms. As a consequence, organisms like algae, bacteria and virus are inactivated.

All documentation and datasheets of OceanDocter can be found here